History of Westco


Design Tips

"If you want to achieve a feeling of spaciousness in a small area, a hallway or throughout an entire room, stick to neutral and light colors."

"We have an extensive selection of carpeting offering many colors textures and designs to work with any decor and and fit any budget."

"Bring Your room to life: A room of only solid pieces and colors can feel heavy and blocky. more"

"Use the 60-30-10 Rule Decorating a space in terms of color can be made easy by using the 60% - 30% - 10% Rule. more"

"Don't forget about greenery. Having plants in any room makes you feel more alive. more"

" Focus on your floors. Just like walls, floors need your attention, too. more"

" Fabrics & Trim: Using Fabrics & Trims are an easy and inexpensive way to combine all the elements of your room. more"

" Anchor your room with furniture. Investing in substantial furniture pieces will save you money & time. more"

Showroom Located in Orem, Utah

Westco Carpets & Interiors first opened its doors in Orem, Utah in February of 1988. It was founded by Brad and LaRicia Belliston. Brad and LaRicia were both raised in Utah County and graduated from Orem High School. They are the proud parents of three children. As Brad and LaRicia began their married life together their desire was to stay in Utah, raise a family and grow a successful family business.

Westco started out as a small floor covering store with only two employees. They began by working closely with local contractors and apartment owners with the goal of offering quality products, superior installations and unprecedented customer service.

It wasn't long before Westco outgrew their initial location. In 1992 they expanded into a new facility and began providing window and wall coverings, along with custom interior design services. Their goal was to offer a comprehensive array of unique and stylish products, combined with professional service at affordable prices.


In just a few short years, and because of their unparalleled success, Westco Carpets & Interiors once again found it necessary to move its operations to an even larger facility. So in 1996, Brad and LaRicia purchased ground in north Orem and built a beautiful showroom with an expansive warehouse at their current location situated at 1814 North State Street. In May of 2011, Westco completed an extensive renovation and stunning remodel of their existing building and landscape. The result is a magnificently inviting business location which reflects the look and feel of current design trends of today's homes, both inside and out.

Over the past years Westco has had the opportunity to work with many clients, homebuilders and business associates. This has allowed them to establish solid and trusted relationships within the community, and to understand that the most valuable assets they have are their loyal customers and employees.

Brad and LaRicia Belliston believe in giving back to the community and have always been generous contributors to several local charities and organizations. Westco has always strived to not just meet, but exceed their customers' expectations for professionalism, honesty, integrity and value. It's our belief that through hard work, a commitment to excellence and an unmatched dedication to customer service, Westco Carpets & Interiors has become one of Utah County's longest-running and most successful providers of floor covering and interior design services.